Saturday 9 August 2008

Slaley show shocker

What a day, the rain tipped down all morning whilst we were in the ring with the alpacas at the local(ish) Slaley show, we all looked like drowned rats animals and handlers alike. It was more like an autumn day rather than summer.

To our great amazement Hughie came first overall in the fleece show and Chiquita's fleece came third, they both also came forth in the halter class. Not a bad result all round, we also won prize money! It's the first show that we've entered where you actually get an envelope with your winnings in - it was great.

Thankfully the rain did eventually stop and the sun even made an appearance, although not until the entry / exit routes had been totally churned up. So the next bit of excitement for the day was trying to leave - umm our car doesn't have much grip in the mud with the trailer full of animals, especially in foot deep mud! Needless to say, along with about 95% of the visitors we had to be rescued by the tractor and pulled out. I wish I'd had my camera to hand because at one point there was a tractor pulling a tractor which had got stuck pulling a horse box!

Whatever happened to summer?!

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