Sunday 17 August 2008

Mia stays put!

Having spent many hours yesterday trying to make the sheep paddock Mia proof (regular readers will recall, she is the orphaned lamb I have, that thinks she's half alpaca and half human) thankfully this morning she was still in the field. She has the most amazing ability to assess and reassess the situation until she works out a new way out once you block off the last one. Even our life long local farmer is amazed by her abilities and has never seen anything like it. My guess is two days and she will have fathomed another way out!

It's been a mixed bag of weather today, thankfully this morning we managed to put the new extra large hay manger in situ in the girls paddock which Ursula came straight over to check out (before it was even filled) which went down well. I want to get a couple of the smaller ones before winter.

Did a spot of halter work with the boys today, they were both very good. We purposely took them on their own this time as they are very close and stick together like glue.

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