Monday 25 August 2008

The Dyke Neuk Show

Yesterday was another chance for Hughie and Loki to meet their public, their presence had been requested at the local Dyke Neuk Show. The weather was fantastic which certainly brought in the crowds, the place was packed.

Hughie did his usual and insisted on greeting everyone who came near and hum loudly at those trying to walk by without paying him any attention. He really is a character that you can't help but love, everyone always passes comment about him. Loki was also allowing a select few to stroke him, his much more selective than Hughie!

It was nice to spend the day talking to lots of people about alpacas, there were a few people who had met the boys before and others who were very keen to keep alpacas. It is nice to be able to educate a few people too who are adamant that they are llama's.

My cucumber also won third place in the cucumber section of the vegetable show - growing it in alpaca manure obviously did it some good!!!

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