Saturday 16 August 2008

Our boy's a man!

Saturday morning is weigh day here at Barnacre for the cria, so we got on with the job with much more haste than normal (I'll tell you why in a minute), everyone is putting on weight nicely. Even Gaussian is steadily going in the right direction despite still being a complete pain when it comes to the bottle, if anything now he's munching much more grass he's getting worse - yes that is possible!

Next job on the list was a very exciting one, we were going to give one of our new stud boys the chance to work. Gianmarco's Masterpeice being the older and very advanced in the nether regions (according to the books his bits are the size of an average 3 years old and he's not quite 2 yet!) was going to have first go.

Duchess, our oldest girl was open and ready, so here goes. One suggestion we recieved was to put them in the pen together for four hours and see what happened. Duchess decided for some reason she was going to make Marky work to get her down and he did it within 30 seconds without trouble and got straight onto the job in hand like a seasoned pro. He was quite clearly very pleased with himself as he was orgling away as loudly as the very experienced boys we've used in the past. I'm sure he wont mind me showing him off in action, and Duchess was very proud of her toyboy!

After the excitement of Gianmarco's first ever mating it was on to more mundane jobs, cleaning the paddocks and moving the stud boys down to their purpose build stud paddocks. We did a bit of halter work with Legend before we set off because he wasn't too keen when we tried to load him into the trailer to come home. He was very well behaved, so we decided to walk them down the lane rather than get the trailer hitched up - they were brilliant and happily walked without issue; good boys!

When we got them to their new paddock they met Hughie and Loki over the fence, surprisingly enough it was Loki who was first in line to say hello. They all seem to be getting on nicely, we will keep the studs and younger boys separate though at least for a while and see how things go.

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Rob @ Wellground said...

Well done Marky, that's my boy !!!