Thursday 14 May 2009

A better day

Firstly thank you to all those very kind people that either commented on my blog, emailed or phoned it is nice to know so many people care, thank you. Jayne you didn't leave your number so I could call you back (obviously lost it from last time)!

I am pleased to say that there is a slight improvement with Golden Guinea, in fact at the day has gone on he has improved more. He managed to hold his own weight this morning for the first time. Then this afternoon he managed a few steps unsupported, I was so pleased I cried.

He is quite clearly very sore and it takes lots of effort but the steps have increased as the afternoon progressed and this evening he stood long enough to eat from my hand. Hopefully tomorrow there will be even more progress although if the weather is as bad as the forecast I doubt he will want to leave the shelter.

The second bit of good new, drum roll please, Aria finally gave birth this afternoon!!!!!! It was rather late as far as alpaca birthings go, at 4pm. A lovely solid light fawn girl (I predicted that one right too Jayne).

Despite being at 373 days gestation the cria is far from big and weighed in at 6.7kgs. It took her a little while to get going but she is happily suckling from mum now and has a nice cosy coat on to keep her warm.


Joe Coupe said...

Great News!!

Patou Alpacas said...

Nice to hear Debbie, may the good news continue.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Excellent news Debbie, Im so pleased......I've been thinking about you both all day ! I thought I'd just give a ring, I was hoping for a good news blog !...I thought you might be busy dealing with your alpacas...and attending Golden Guinea. Nice to hear that he is managing to hold his weight and balance after such an ordeal. Lovely news to hear that Aria has eventually had her long awaited cria, a little girl, its about time you had some nice things happen to you !... I think you have had plenty of nastys to last an eternity !!.....Jayne

Lucy said...

Great news about GG and the lovely wee cria. Glad Aria has finally unpacked, although we are still waiting on Bella - she is now at 373 days today I think. It is raining today after a long spell of lovely sun and high pressure so that's not great. Why didn't she take advantage of the nice weather????? Your cria probably needed to stay in a bit longer as she was smaller. Enjoy, and hope GG is running about the paddock soon - no more orgling or trying to get to those girls!