Sunday 29 May 2011

Almost half a kilo

The weather has been really mixed here today so no no arrivals thankfully.  We have three girls on 344 days and one on 337, all four are looking very large and uncomfortable so I'm sure they won't be too much longer.  If they go to their personal averages two should be producing next week so keep your eye out for announcements!

Emery continues to gain weight, in the last 24 hours it was 480gms.  Kate has so much milk her udder wobbles like a cows so I can see why she is doing so well.

I am busy printing off labels for the latest batch of hand crafted phone charms so I'd best get back to it as I have another early start tomorrow.  I must get these charms in the shop before too much longer, although as fast as I make them I sell them so it's not very ofter there are any in stock - not that I'm complaining.

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