Sunday 1 May 2011

A pint or two and a T shirt at 40 (Paul)

Hi all,

It's a short and late blog tonight.  It has been the usual hectic day at Barnacre - sometimes it would be helpful to have a few more brains and pairs of hands!

On the job list as well as the usual feeding etc: errected a temporary fence ready for the main herd after shearing, went to watch a man with some measuring equipment on a hilll (??!!), another BBQ, some paperwork, preparations for tomorrows show we are putting on tomorrow at the National Trust's Seaton Delaval Hall...

And the key reason for this blog, to show of the coolest T shirt in the world!  A specially commissioned present from Carol and Dave for my 40th birthday.  I convinced Debbie to go for a pint (or three) last night to show it off at our local, the Dyke Neuk pub.

Here's the majestic item, first the front:

The alpacas holding the birthday balloons are next to a little honey bee - a hint of something to come?...

and the back:
Cool or what!


Shirley said...

Yep, really cool T shirt - happy birthday! Shirley & Robbie

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Nice Tee Paul - as a matter of enquiry, what do you use for temporary fence? alpacas have such Houdini qualities and we may need to do similar shortly - it's difficult not to end up making it almost permament otherwise it's something they tangle in.