Friday 27 May 2011

The only way is up

Just a short blog tonight because Paul has been hogging three computers all night and I'm now far too tired to type!

So I thought I'd share with you a photo taken this morning of our monster cria, who we are still trying to find a fitting name for.
She is such a character already, she really is going to be a handful for Kate.  Kate usually has active cria but this one tops Midnight Star and Ochre, poor Kate it's going to be a long six months for you!

She has gained weight today, it is usual for a newborn to loose weight in day one, instead she's gained 100gms so now weighs a staggering 11.45kg (25.2lbs).  Can you believe yesterday she was exactly the same weight as my niece Faith who is three next month.

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Apple Vale Alpacas said...

How about 'Yazz' then, who sang, 'the only way is up'.