Saturday 21 May 2011

FIrst matings of the year

We had a busy morning, there was a batch of lambivac injections that needed doing so we needed to gather up the girls.

However remembering what happened to the weanlings when they were gathered up a week ago (they were sheared) the girls weren't too keen.

Eventually we got the required volunteers and all the injections were complete without even a scratch to myself.  I  usually manage to stab myself whilst putting the top on the needle or something!
After injections it was mating time, the first of the year.  Oonagh was the first volunteer for Legend of Spartacus.  Oonagh was last to give birth last year and only got one chance to mate because we don't like late birth.  Sadly she didn't take so hopefully she will be first next year, although after 8 minutes she decided she'd had enough so we'll have to see.

Sienna was much more obliging for Gianmarco's Masterpiece and he orgled away for quite some time whilst Princess Mallika sat patiently the other side of the hurdles.  She only gave birth just over a week ago so she has a little wait yet and she's booked in to see Golden Guinea this year.

We also spat off Ursula again who spat like crazy.  I'm really not sure what is going on there.  She was mated three times last year but on the last round of spit offs sat but as it was getting late we decided she would have to wait until the spring; now she thinks she is pregnant.  I'm thinking of buying a Pregtector to see if I can detect any heartbeat.  She's always proved difficult to scan in the past and both years the vet has scanned her he's got her wrong!


Rosemary said...

A way of testing would be very useful! Did you get the email about the home blood test thing for alpacas? We thought that sounded good but need to find out more.

Unknown said...

I have also looked into buying our own equipment. However we do like collecting bits of Kit and it takes time to get the investment back (the IgG testing kit saved Explorer so we will count that as paid for!)

It looks like our vet got it 100% with early rectal testing this year and he is very reasonable (think it worked out about £70 for 15 girls and he put in the cria microchips at the same time).

Chase End Alpacas said...

I think we all learn something new every time mating comes around, and it is good we all keep in touch so we can share our experiences together, as they say you are learning something new everyday.

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

My vet also seems to get on much better doing early rectal scans but as I usually batch them up some end up being done trans abdominally.

Your vet is very reasonable Barbara I'd pay more than that just to get the littlies chipped!

And yes I did get that email Rosemary and thought it could be useful.