Saturday 7 May 2011

Room for a small one

Just a short blog tonight as like Princess Mallika I'm exhausted!  She still hasn't given birth, despite finding every step she takes a real effort.  The weather forecast for tomorrow isn't looking good so I doubt there will be any arrival tomorrow.

We had a visit from Liz, her mum and daughter Hannah today.  Liz and her mum come to collect manure for their gardens and veggie plots.  It always makes me smile when they arrive with a car full of bins and trugs to fill, I've nick named her manure trug lady - thankfully she saw the funny side.

I do feel sorry for Hannah mind, she travels home surrounds by poo.  They've been coming since Hannah was small and she doesn't seem to mind, unlike her big brothers who haven't been seen since their first visit!!

It looks like there was a bit of an incident on the way home today and one of the trugs fell over, lucky for Hannah it fell backwards rather than sideways!

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