Tuesday 24 May 2011

I'll blow and I'll blow

I think I spent most of last night lied in bed listening to the wind worrying about what I would find when I returned to the fields this morning.

Thankfully things were not to bad, I was out by just after 5am.  All the shelters were fine but the two large hay hecks in the girls field had blown over. They are so heavy particularly as they still had a fair bit of hay in them too!  I righted them but one now has a broken wheel, typically it had to be the newest one didn't it.

The wind has dropped slightly today but it has still been very windy.  The weather hasn't known what to do with itself, we've had sun, rain and hail all at the same time.

Kate is now looking enormous, her teats are now full too so I suspect she is waiting for a nice day.  She is at 339 days now and birthed last year at 337 but the year before went a year so she's not been very consistent!  I think she will be giving birth to our first cria from Loki, our black boy so I'm extra excited about with the two of them will produce.

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Anonymous said...

I hope Kate will produce a nice grey colour Debbie so your mum and I can share it to knit with! Tell her to get a move on (I mean Kate, not your mum)