Monday 16 May 2011

Jocking for first place

After a pretty disastrous weekend equipment wise I thought things would improve today - wrong!

I picked up the replacement tyre for the flail mower this morning, putting on said wheel wasn't the easiest job in the world.  I know I'm strong but the mower weighs an absolute ton and I needed to pick up the machine and wedge some wood under whilst I put the wheel back on.

With the wheel on (eventually) I set about cutting the field, the girls were supposed to be going in the big field this weekend after shearing, but with shearing postponed so was the move.  The grass won't last until they have been shorn so I had to cut it.

When I came to put the mower away I noticed the jockey wheel was buckled and broken.  Great, I'm guessing it had bashed on one of the rigs and was broke.  I now need to get a replacement jockey wheel, we are already on jockey wheel number two!

Thankfully all the alpacas are doing well, we have four girls over 330 days, and all of them are looking rather swell.  In fact those long standing readers may recall Kate's (our grey girl) cow udder from last year, well it has made a return visit so I doubt she will last much longer, I'm guessing she'll be next.

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Judi said...

"Cow udder!" that must deserve a photo, though maybe not very easy?