Monday 23 May 2011


I can't believe the wind.  I got up at the crack of dawn as usual to sunshine, but this was soon replaced by rain, in fact it was so bad the weanlings actually went in their shelter, and they never use the shelter.

As the day has progressed the rain stopped but the wind has increased.  It was so windy this afternoon whilst I was poo picking the wind almost blow over the nearly full muck truck!  I was struggling to stay upright a times, so you can imagine what the poor cria were like.

Then just as I was about to head home for my tea the wind blow off Golden Guinea's shelter roof, it came straight off.  Luckily I have all the roofs on the shelters tethered which stopped it from flying across his field. 

The cross members are snapped and the roof crumpled, I doubt any of it will be salvageable.  Oh well on a positive note I suppose it is one less shelter I will have to take down when we move.

As it is so windy I couldn't move it on my own so Guinea got to move fields, he was particularly pleased with this because he never really likes the roadside field much anyway.  I'm just so glad it happened whilst I was there and not during the night or it may have done him some serious damage as it landed right where he goes to sleep.

The wind is still blowing an absolute gale so I'm hoping everything else is still in one piece and all is well.  It is supposed to die down over night so hopefully I will be able to try and sort things out tomorrow.

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