Saturday 28 May 2011

A weekend job list

Weekends round here always mean a long job list and today was no different.  Firstly was getting everyone (my parents are staying) up extra early as it's birthing time, that was a job in itself.

All was well in the fields so after the usual feed routine there was a little field draughts to be played.  Paul went off to cut the field that the girls will move in to after shearing whilst mum and I got on with the manual jobs.  Paul always like the driving round jobs!

The boys moved into a new stud strip that was growing far too fast, so they can eat that off for the next week or two to save me cutting it.  The ewes and lambs also got new grass which went down exceptionally well.

Then it was spit off and mating time, Oonagh and Sienna who were mated last weekend spat convincingly.  I also tried Ursula again, she spat - so what is going on with her?!

Lualeni got to see Gianmarco's Masterpiece's, this is a repeat of her mating last year.  Neelie who is now a month old is looking fabulous so another one like that would be a very welcome addition to the Barnacre herd.  As you can see Lualeni likes to share kisses during such intimate moments.

However after 25 minutes she'd got a little bored and just sat there staring ahead.

Today is Ochre's 1st birthday, he is a fantastic character who loves to interact with people, just like his dad Golden Guinea.  He is one of the boys that we have for sale.  He will make a great fleece producing pet cutting over 2.6kg of fleece when sheared earlier this month, he also likes to stand guard so will be a good hen protector.

His new half sister (Kate's baby), now has a name, we have decided to call her Emery, a dark grey hard rock. She has gained weight again, and in two days she has gained half a kilo, mind you this comes as no surprise when you see the amount of milk that Kate has.

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