Friday 20 May 2011

Me first, me first

Like Rosemary at Westhill Alpacas I've been trying to take photo's of back end bugles today, Kate our grey girl is looking so uncomfortable.  How this baby hasn't broken through the skin is beyond me.
Having been poking it's toes under her tail for ages, like Kate it decided it needed to make more of a dramatic statement and looked like it was going to do her some damage, at one point it was practically a head sized bulge.  Unfortunately I wasn't quite quick enough to get the camera out and this is all I managed, which with all her fleece on doesn't actually do justice to how far out it was sticking.

Another girl looking like she wont be too much longer is Nefertiti.  Paul has said for a while that she will stick a sneaky one in whilst I'm not looking.  Well I have news for you Neffers I'm watching you!  According to her averages, and unlike Kate has been very consistent, she has another two and a half weeks to go. 

She clearly fancies a water birth and has been climbing in the water trough today despite me thinking it was rather cool and wishing I had dressed differently this morning.

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Rosemary said...

Kate is a very lovely colour - looking forward to seeing her cria!
You're right - much easier to see bulges when they are sheared! Very interesting to see your photos and compare them with my bulges!