Monday 20 June 2011

Can anyone help Imala

I spent the morning catching up on some paddock cleaning, the boys were very grateful and followed me round to make sure I didn't miss any.  When it came to Golden Guinea's field he thought it would be a good opportunity to try and escape whilst I was driving through the gate, lucky for me on this occasion I won!

The new hens have obviously settled in because one of them kindly laid me their first egg today.  I think it is from one of the black rock's but I'm not sure who lays what yet, but I'm sure it won't take long to work them out.

This evening we have been doing mass matings, well it's mass to us anyway!  Four boys and four girls, the noise was deafening as they were all competing to be the loudest.  It makes me laugh how they all make different sounds.

I think Paul was beginning to think that Loki was going to be there all night, he'd started to walk Guinea back to his stud strip but came back to see where we were because we were so long and Loki was still hard at it!

How spooky is this last year we did four matings on the same day once, and it was also the 20th June.  Just for the record two of the girls were the same both years.

Finally does anyone have any good suggestions for keeping the flies off a sore.  Imala got a small nick during shearing and the flies won't leave it alone.  In fact they are making a real mess of it by keep opening up the wound and it is growing.

I've tried various insect repellents all of which are failing, crovect only seems to last for a couple of days so not long enough to let the wound heel.  We have never had flies like it, they are terrible, thank goodness we are on the move soon! 


hilaryc said...

HI Debbie
A couple of suggestions . I am a fan of Forever Living Aloe propolis ( with beeswax) and the gel ( good for proud flesh,) - have to get from a "dealer" rather than shop.

Opsite may be an option -a spray on dressing will certainly keep the flies off ( google it)

Another thing for next year ( I must get some) is to make sure you get some Loctite ( superglue) for shearing time. You can glue the would straight over, then the flies dont get in ( have used on my horses in the past - when not over a joint or under pressure)


Suzanne@ Panteg Alpacas said...

Hi Debbie

we use a horse treatment for flies - sadly the name escapes me at the moment , but it comes in a tub , is thick and bright yellow , and keeps the wound fly free until it heals . I will rack my brain

Anonymous said...

Summer fly cream worked for us + blue antiseptic spray


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I have used B-R Antiseptic Jelly for the horses.....I find it very might help keep Imala...from the flies !......Jayne

Anonymous said...

Sudocrem (from the chemist) with a few drops of lavender oil. It's good and gunky and the flies don't like lavender!

Cheers, Liz