Monday 1 August 2011

A day early but still a day late

 Today has seen the arrival of the last Barnacre cria of the year, a day early yet still a day too late. 

As you will recall my parents have been here for a few days as mum was animal sitting whilst we were up at Kelso.  Mum loves to see the babies being born and was hopeful that Geena would oblige, but she had to go home yesterday afternoon.

I did think first thing that Geena thinking about birthing, she wasn't actually due until tomorrow  but clearly didn't want to wait any longer.  My mum was not very pleased - sorry mum!

It is the first time I've actually seen Geena give birth, it was a good job really as she needed a little help to release this baby.

It is a lovely dark fawn boy who weighed a healthy 7.48kg, which is quite small for us this year.  I think he must have been laid in an awkward position as he has a bit of a stiff neck.
He was a little slow to get going but having had a little top up bottle of colostrum which went down very well.  Geena can't produce enough milk so her cria always need a little topping up.


janet said...

He is lovely,so disappointed i had to leave i said Geena would have it today.Really pleased everything turned out ok xx

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

What a beautiful strong cria...he looks gorgeous, glad things went ok and I bet you are glad that the're all here safe and sound.....Jayne