Tuesday 15 November 2011

Freddie Starr ate my...

...hamster, alpaca, chicken, lamb, Wesley??!!  Maybe the jungle is the best place for him after all.

It has been a busy old day today proof indeed that Debbie needs to work much faster to keep up with my farming and general organisational skills.  The alpacas got 2 boxes of chopped carrots today - much to the delight of Meketaten, our multiple brown champion and her full brother Spadicious - one of our super brown male crias from this year.  They are both the product of the union of Golden Guinea and Nefertiti, both here at Barnacre.

It was then time for a drive up to our hill to meet the builders and a couple of other people to discuss a few things that need sorting out.  Our builder, Dave Charlton is really good and if anyone in the North East needs a sensible, organised builder then let me know and I'll put you in touch.  Unfortunately, my camera batteries were flat so no house and shed piccies today.  The shed had some signs of activity with the sides now going on - we really need to crack on!

Lots of phone calls were taken and received during the day and I'll let you know more about one of resulting jobs later this week - and I'll remember to take the camera to share the evidence.  Suffice to say the tools for this particular job involve 2 walking sticks, a sidekick (or two) and a lot of shouting and swearing...can you guess what it is yet - oh that's Rolf Harris not Freddie Starr isn't it.

Carol has still not found a (sensible) use for her giant baby bootie (see yesterday's blog) and is threatening to pull it down (in a sulk methinks).  So if anyone can think of a good use for it and/or wants to buy it (and maybe a matching one) you had better let me know in the next 24 hours!

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Judi said...

The giant bootie...let a baby alpaca have it to hang up for Santa to fill with goodies!