Friday 18 November 2011

late oooh-key (Paul)

Hello all you night owls - shouldn't you be in bed asleep by now?!

It's been a busy old day today, for a change!  Debbie and I recieved a nice and empathetic email about our farm build (i.e. the house and shed on the hill) experience.  I agreed with all of the email except the bit about pulling your hair out from time to time - it's all gone!  Thanks for the email guys - you know who you are!

No doubt you are wanting to know what the blog title is all about - and even if you don't know I'm going to tell you anyway!  First the oooh:
Here's my mate Brinley (sire: Golden Guinea, dam: Geena) taking a bit of hay for a walk.  He has been enjoying the sun on his back for the last two days although I will be in trouble when Debbie is back because she wanted me to put his coat on at night - he's a big boy - nearly!

Now the key:
Now then what is this for? Well here's the clue, I was given it today although I won't be using it in earnest for a little while yet.  Can you guess what it is yet?!