Tuesday 1 November 2011

What fence?

Whilst we were up at the hill this morning I took a couple of pictures of the progress being made.  Things are looking good.
There were lots of men working on site, the big job of the day seemed to be installing the Klargester.  So we will have somewhere for the dirty water to go; we just need water and electric to try it out!

Our new tup seems to have settled in today, in fact he seemed to have become friends with Golden Guinea, he seems to have a thing about making friends with sheep.  The two of them had been posing to each other.

This afternoon the tup had gone through the fence and was sharing Guinea's paddock!  With those horns there was no way I wanted these two sharing a stud strip so some quick movement was required.

The three you girls have been returned to the main herd, Guinea has moved to another strip next to where the girls were and the tup (who still needs a name) is in Guinea's field.  Hopefully everyone will be where I left them in the morning.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Hows about calling him .....Handsome !!...he is a fine looking fella !....Jayne