Monday 14 November 2011

'home' alone (Paul)

Thanks everyone for your kind words for our Scottish National fleece show success - it is a fantastic feeling when your alpacas and their fleeces get placed, even win, and get really high scores as well. What is really exciting for Debbie and I is that our own breeding programme is starting to come good and we have a few more special boys and girls to cross over each other yet!  Legend of Spartacus is doing really well for us and it is great that our brown boy, Golden Guinea has produced us some super solid colour fleeces (mostly brown with some fawns), also without exception every one of his cria have a super friendly personality - how does he do it?!

Debbie has headed back to Nottingham for a few days to sort out a few things and so I am 'home' alone - that song 'wherever I lay my hat' feels kind of familiar these days!  If you follow us on Twitter (@BarnacreAlpacas) you will know that I have been left my list of jobs to sort out - wherever I put it!  What with that and Carol chaining me to the cooker I could be a broken man by the end of the I empathise with poor Cinderella!

Dave has come to the rescue (again) by allowing me to 'plug in' to his office wires with my pc tower so the Barnacre Alpacas knitwear shop could be updated - the files clearly didn't transfer across to the laptop.  Carol, Debbie, Janet (Debbie's mum) and Joan have been knitting like troopers this year.  In fact as I sit hear Carol is knitting, Dave is carding and I bet Debbie is having a cup of tea and biscuit with Janet!!! This year we have had new online customers, and 'regulars' coming back for new items for their alpaca knitwear sets - once you've tried alpaca there's no going back!  Debbie always gets lots of compliments from customers about the softness and feel of our alpaca knitwear, she uses bespoke contemporary pattens and then of course there is the fact that we only use the fleeces from our own alpacas and we trace every one of them through to the end product. We know exactly which of our 51 alpacas are in every piece of knitwear and many customers really appreciate this dedication and passion we have.

Of course it's not all plain sailing - I have just noticed that Carol has been that busy watching and laughing at Freddie Star on I'm a celebrity that she got a bit carried away with the 'baby' booty she was knitting!

The measurement is in inches not centimetres! So if anyone has any young babies or small children with size 12 feet Barnacre Alpaca knitwear can come to your rescue!!!!  Of course if Carol reads this blog I might be the one that needs rescuing - ha ha!

Any way, time to go because I have some preparation to do for a meeting tomorrow that could have some positive or negative results depending on the outcome - bit cryptic that and anyone would think that I'm leading you on to guess what I'm up to - as if I would!



Anonymous said...

I was knitting away as was mum, there may have been one little biscuit break but we all need to stop once in a while!

Glad you found Carol, hopefully she has a copy of your list too!!


Anonymous said...

That baby bootie happens to be for an elephant.....I just have another 3 to make then its a set!
Come home Debbie we can't keep Paul under control!