Monday 28 November 2011

In trouble again

Thank you for your kind comments on last nights blog; I am grateful that not everyone agrees with Paul.

Today we have been doing a spot of dismantling.  All the fencing and shelters will need to be removed from our rented land and as we need to get the animals moved pretty soon we thought today would be a good day to make a start on things.

After the morning feeding we took down the 'bus stop' field shelter in the empty stud strip.  As is always the case there were a few screws that didn't want to budge but we got there in the end so that is now stacked on a pallet ready for resurrection on the hill.

This afternoon we started loosening a few of the screws on the cross bars in the channel but I ended up in bad books again.  I didn't know my own strength and managed to break Paul's screwdriver bit for his battery drill.  It just snapped honest!

As the boys have hardly anything left to eat in their field we let them in the channel to munch whilst we were working.  Hughie and Loki kept sneaking through the gate into the empty field next to Golden Guinea every time Paul's back was turned.  I thought it was quite funny although Paul wasn't so impressed because getting them out wasn't always easy.

The next lot of fencing materials have been ordered for up at the hill so we will soon be erecting and demolishing at the same time.

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