Wednesday 9 November 2011

Hunter gathers

I really do wonder sometimes where all the daylight hours go and we haven't even got to the shortest day of the year yet!

After the routine feed run this morning we went straight up to the hill as we had a couple of meeting booked in.  I think both went quite well and hopefully we will hear the outcome of the most important one in the next few days.  Sorry for all the cloak and dagger but I can't tell the world everything.

The house is coming along nicely, unfortunately the shed seems to be taking forever.  At this rate we will have the house finished before the shed, which is where we are supposed to be living now in caravan number two!

Whilst we were up on the hill we needed to gather some of the fallen stone that is scattered all over the place.  We want to make a bit of a feature with some of it in our inglenook fireplace.  Some of the pieces looked somewhat bigger when we got them back to the house, I'm not sure we will be very popular with the builder when he sees it.

Talking of builders, they have been given strict instructions not to use our fire place material as hardcore for the drive. 

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