Sunday 6 November 2011

A nasty but necessary job

Today was one of those days when we had to do one of those jobs you just hate; weaning.  The oldest eight youngsters, Neelie, Sahara, Ellie May, Emery, Celestial, Seymour, Spadicious and Angelica have been weaned from their mums.

Half of the group are way over our usual weight target of about 35kg, and only the oldest two are over six months.  Three of the mums are looking rather thin, Willow, Mary and Kate were definitely in need of a break.

Sahara was rather stressed by the initial seperation however the nice lush green grass took everyone's mind of their missing mums.

This evening the new grass had lost it's appeal and there was lots of crying for mum from everyone.  Spadicious tried to see if Emery had any milk on offer but he was soon put right!  Hopefully they will soon settle.

This afternoon we were up at the hill, it was a lovely afternoon up there.  The sheep were well and truly spread round, our new tup, who incidently won't be called Curly (sorry Faith) is going to have his work cut out serving the girls.

Here is the current view from almost the top of the hill, you can just about work out where the house and shed is (in the middle of the picture at the bottom of the hill).


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Its a nasty time....weaning !...looks like you have had a nice weekend can just see the 'little house' on the prairie !!....Jayne

Alpaca Lady said...

I, too hate weaning. I have one cria that is having a hard time with it. He is with his dam at night and without her in the day. We are easing him off off of Mom.