Sunday 20 November 2011

Kirkley Hall Christmas Fair

Another busy day at Barnacre today, the alarm was set for 5am as I'd not got all my wears ready for the Kirkley Hall Christmas Fair.  Luckily it's only round the corner so we were able to feed everyone before. 

The photo quality isn't great but here is the stall.

While we were up at the hill yesterday we took some more photo's.  Things are really progressing with the house, it is now partially plaster boarded and looking good.  I think the builder is worried that we will carry out our threat of having Christmas dinner with his family if the house isn't finished!

The shed is finally looking like it will soon be finished, I'm not holding my breath mind you!


Unknown said...

Great progress...we will be keeping our fingers crossed that you are in for Christmas...keep up the threats!!

Rosemary said...

Really coming on well!
- so does the stall!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Great progress...I can see the Christmas Tree....already for the Big Day......!! Hope you had a good day at the fair !......Jayne