Wednesday 30 November 2011

Major operation

It has been another busy day today, when you have your possesions scattered all over the place and have no place to call home, even the simplist thing become a major operation.

Todays 'major operation' was trailer cleaning, we have no water, no electricity and the pressure washer is in completely different place to the trailer.  I know one thing, I'll certainly not take anything for granted for a long time once we get everything and everyone on to the hill!

We also needed to get the tractor jump started as it had a flat battery, Trigger came to the rescue as I'm not sure the Honda would have the power to sort it.  We now have a working tractor again ready for unloading a few pallets of fencing we have on order.

At lunchtime I managed to get a few photo's of the latest knitwear ready to go into our online shop, assuming it doesn't all sell at Morpeth Farmers Market this Saturday.  If you are in the area do pop by to say hello to the boys, Paul and I.


Rosemary said...

I know what you mean - finding anything is a nightmare!

Like the tea cosy!

oak haven alpacas said...

adorable knitted items!!! I love them!


Cotswold Vale Alpacas said...

I love your knitted items, especially the little booties, it looks like the same pattern I have been using, and I love it, so, so cute :-)