Thursday 14 June 2012

Molly throws a curved ball

Alpaca's certainly like to keep us on our toes, and today it was the turn of Molly to do just that!

Molly decided to give birth this morning almost three weeks before her due date.  All Molly's previous pregnancies have been very long, approaching 365 days, however this year she decided 341 was ample cooking time!  Last year she surprised us by having a massive cria compared to her usual weighs, so she do like to keep me guessing.

She showed absolutely no signs of giving birth at feed time this morning, or at 9.30 when I was cleaning and filling the water trough.  I went out to check on everyone just over an hour later, as soon as I left the yard I could see Molly had a white cria behind her with no coat on and all the little white ones had coats on!

He was already up on his feet and running round his mum.  Here he is just starting to dry off.  He is looking good, sired by Legend of Spartacus.

Whilst all the excitement of a new arrival was happening Ursula was on creche duties, next to her in the blue coat we have Dec (named by his future mum/owner), in the green coat Ankhesenamun and in the red coat Palace.  All was very calm.......

 ...... the whirlwind that is Liberty arrived!
Oh and by the way Jayne, Paul's dinosaur egg was in fact a Rhea egg!


Unknown said...

Sensible girl Mollie...the weather is awful today...get em out while the sun shines!

Don't the cria look lovely in their assorted outdoor gear! I have had to go and buy a load more dog coats - exactly the same as the ones from Homestead Farm Supplies but half the price from our local farm suppliers; Relphs.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Congratulations on another lovely arrival ...the babies look lovely in their coats ....liberty is a live wire ...there's always one inst there ....I thought that was a massive should have hatched it ....not eaten it !! any chances of Rhea's appearing on the farm .....I wonder !! ....Jayne