Sunday 27 September 2009

Last one there stinks!

We had a good laugh at the girls this morning, I wish we had taken the camera with us. The cria have been 'collecting' various things on their fleeces of late, bits of leaf and the like that they pick up rolling under the trees, so this morning we decided that we were going to try and suck as much up as we could.

This was when the fun began. I was busy sucking up the bits of leaves, cones and dust from the trees and as you can imagine it was very dusty so half the dust was going in one end of the of the muck truck and blowing out the vent all over me. I was filthy, covered in brown dust but at least the rather large dust bath the girls have created looks better; hopefully so will the herd in the morning.

Anyway, Angelus spotted us up to something under the trees and started to head down the field so investigate. When she reached about half way she broke out into a trot, obviously thinking we were stealing something that she wanted, which caused the rest of the herd to charge after her, so it was then an out and out sprint to see who could get their first.

They then proceeded to running from leaf to leaf as they blew off the trees munching them before someone beat them too it. It doesn't sound half as funny as it was; honest.

After all this excitement I cleaned their water trough and cleared up some poo which we then delivered to one of our regular manure collectors, Carol and Dave. Carol had kindly offered to do some knitting for me so we took some manure over as well as the yarn.

On the next trip into the field we took the camera, typically there were no shenanigans but Paul captured an up to date photo of Kealani.

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Rob @ Wellground said...

Kealani is looking superb. Wow!