Wednesday, 9 September 2009

On your marks

The car is packed and mum is making the sandwiches as I type (She's good isn't she!) ready for our very early start in the morning to Penrith. I'll let you know tomorrow night how we get on, assuming I'm still awake by the time I get to sit down.

I got the results back today from Twiggy's (one of my cats) blood test, not good news I'm afraid, she is still not stabilising. We are going to try another drug, but this is the last resort, the next option is surgery. She is a 16 year old tiny cat with hypothyroidism so far from the best candidate for survey so I'm hoping that these tablets do the trick.

Today is one of our studs 3rd birthday, Gianmarco's Masterpiece who has an amazing fleece, his 3rd fleece was a very impressive 17.9 micron and 0.5% over 30. He has a number of girls spitting off so we are really looking forward to seeing his progeny next spring.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Have a nice day at Penrith and I hope the new tablets do the trick for Twiggy....Happy Birthday Gianmarco !...Jayne