Monday 7 September 2009

Twiggy's turn for the vet

It has been a lovely sunny day today so out latest baby Kealani was finally able to have a whole day with no coat on. She is growing fast, and has put on over 1.5kg's which is fantastic news. I don't usually like cria this late in the year but it certainly doesn't seem to be holding this little lady back.

After the morning routine of feeding and checking everyone it was off to the vets with Twiggy, one of my cats. She has an over active thyroid so has to have tablets everyday and regular blood tests. I will have to call tomorrow for the results, I wouldn't be surprised if they have to alter the medication again.

Whilst I was there I ordered a couple of bottles of lambivac so I can vaccinate the cria, poor little things I hate having to inject babies, it always seems so cruel. A necessary evil though I'm afraid.

I was supposed to be cleaning the trailer out from the weekend move of the girls but didn't quite get round to it, so that is on tomorrows list. I always give it a thorough clean after every use, and it is needed for Thursday as we are at the Westmorland County Show - that's going to be an early start! I'm really looking forward to it as we will get to see Horatio and Aodhfin (my recently sold babies) again.

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