Tuesday 29 September 2009

A lovely chat

I had a lovely chat this morning with a lady, Lorraine from Devon (as I never asked permission I'll not give her full name) who reads my blog. It is always nice to hear that there are actually people out there that read it! She was offering advise to fellow blogger Jayne at Zanzibah, which I passed on.

I do think it is so nice how the alpaca community are always willing to offer support and advice to complete strangers. No matter how long we have these enchanting animals there is always more to learn and different experiences to share.

Talking of new experiences I shared a new one with Golden Guinea today - tomatoes. Some of the girls have had them before and I was giving them a treat with some little plum tomatoes. So as I walked past the boys field I offered Guinea one. He took great delight in putting it to the edge of his mouth and popping it so the seeds shot out then licked his lips. He did the same with the second one, he wasn't bothered about the ones I'd cut up.

My knitting needles have been smoking today, I am still working on my special orders. I need to get on with them so I can get some more stock for the Christmas shoppers (hopefully). I have been checking up on my mum who is knitting a cardigan which has been ordered. She even took it with her to hospital today when she took my dad! It was a routine visit before anyone thinks I made her take it during some emergency!!!

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