Thursday 3 September 2009

Weather warning

For once the weathermen got it right, we had a weather warning for heavy rain today and boy has it rained; again!

The girls had decided not to go in the shelter last night but both fields of girls had gone under the trees. Little Kealani was rather wet and a little cold this morning but thankfully the rain stopped first thing so I changed her into a nice dry coat and she was happy.

As a bit of a treat for Oonagh and her friends I decided to let them onto the drive to chomp on the grass along side the house. There is a four or five foot strip the length of the house that was nice and green and in need of a cut. Kealani was not sure about walking across the gravel drive but managed it in more of a bounce than a walk.

Once the rain return it was torrential and the field was so already so wet there are now standing puddles everywhere. I decided to shut Oonagh, Kealani and their friends in as the rain was so bad.

Thankfully it had eased off again now so they are out for a bit, I'll see what it's like later but I think they may have a night in tonight. Maybe I should think about buying the herd some wellies, although that would be 64 pairs required which sounds rather expensive!!

Despite the rather wet welcome into the world Kealani is thriving and in two days has put on exactly half a kilo. You would expect a newborn cria to loose weight initially so this is fantastic, as I've said before Oonagh has obviously inherited her mums milking abilities.

Finally I'd like to say Happy Birthday Little Miss Irraquoy who is three today.

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