Saturday 26 September 2009

More visitors

We have had more visitors today, Trevor and Pauline, who live near Newark. They have been holidaying in Northumberland and wanted to come and see the alpacas. As you can expect Hughie was pleased to have someone new to day hello to, and as the photo show Heidi was very grateful to Pauline for her bottle!
Saturday is weigh day for the youngsters here, and this morning was no exception. The weight gain had slowed this week and a couple of the older cria had actually lost a few grams. They have all been vaccinated this week and this can effect the weight gain so I am not too worried. I will however keep a close eye on them.

We had some pregnancy spit offs to do today too. All three gave poor Marky what for which is great news for us. Hopefully that is all girls mated pregnant (fingers, toes and everything else crossed). We have two more that will spit off on Monday however I am sure at least one of the is holding because she has become a real grouchy girl.

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