Saturday 19 September 2009

Whalton Village Show

We have been out with the show team today, Hughie and Loki were pulling the crowds at the local village show. Thankfully the weather stayed fine, we even had sunshine at times, although at one point the wind picked up so much I thought the gazebo was going to take off.

Our knitwear range was admired by many and some lucky people now have luxury alpaca garments made from the Barnacre yarn. Mum and I also have some orders to get on with too, so bear with us if you don't see any new lines in the shop for a little while. Although saying that there are a few things that I haven't got on-line yet.

One gentleman came up with a new question for us today; does an alpaca have more or less bones in it's neck than a human. This stumped us, so we told him we would check and confirm on the blog. I can confirm that they do actually have the same number of bones as humans and in fact all mammals, 7.

We did a spot of weighing this evening and the youngsters continue to thrive. I like to keep track to make sure all is well. It is also nice to see how the compare to previous years too.

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