Wednesday 23 September 2009

Surprise visitors

The boys were full of mischief again this morning trying to get out of their gate as I was trying to get in with the muck truck - pesky monkeys! I got in and out successfully in the end though so one to me.

This afternoon I had a surprise visit from an old neighbour Brian and his new wife Joan who were up visiting the beautiful Northumberland coast. We lived across the road from Brian two houses ago in your typical modern executive four bed development; so we are a million miles from that life now.

Brian nearly fell off the sofa when I told him that we now have 33 alpacas, when he popped in on his last visit up north two years ago we only had about 10.

It is actually three years ago this week that I left my desk job. It seems like a lifetime ago and I'd never go back.

I have more very exciting visitors tomorrow, so I will fill you in on that tomorrow night.

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