Tuesday 8 September 2009

Nice shiny trailer

As promised yesterday my first job of the day after the feed run was to clean the trailer. It is something I take very seriously so out with the disinfectant and pressure washer and off I went. I always manage to get soaked but at least we now have a nice shiny trailer again.

The mats are back in so is the dividing gate and it is ready for the off very early on Thursday morning.

I weighed Kealani again tonight and she had put on another 260 grams today. She is the fastest growing cria of the year so far, taking the crown from Star who was over a kilo and a half heavier at birth. She is looking like she will be a quick developer just like Oonagh was.

Now the birthing season is over for another year I have been working on the statistics. I am very stringent with my record keeping and I like to compare year on year and see what trends and anomalies I can pick up on.

I will share some of the figures and averages with you over the next few weeks but not tonight as I need a break from figures.

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