Friday 18 September 2009

Wellies and a spit off

There has been a very autumnal feel to the weather today and we have been thinking about our winter grazing. We have been and bought new wellies as the morning are getting very damp now, it will soon be overalls and thermals weather. It doesn't seem two minutes ago we were looking forward to the birthing season in spring.

Talking of birthing Oonagh gave a very conclusive spit to poor Gianmarco today, no question there, she has definitely ovulated. It was clear from about 50 yards that he was going to get 'what for' when we arrived but it had to be done to make sure.

We had another go at rolling today but had to give it a miss after we almost got stuck again; Paul decided that if he ate some chocolate he might put on a pound or two and it would help with the grip - he was obviously taking note of Rob's comment on yesterday's blog.

I have been busy sewing labels into the latest shop stock, just need to print off the information labels and then they will be ready to take with us to the Whalton Show tomorrow.

1 comment:

Rob @ Wellground said...

Paul will need more than just a bit of chocolate if he's going to get good grip value on the quad, he's just a slip of a lad ;o))