Saturday 12 September 2009

Pronking rather than proms in the park

There is not much to report today, we weighed all the cria this morning and everyone is gaining weight nicely. Midnight Star, (Kate's daughter) continues to thrive, she is going to be a big girl. She is just over 31kg and is not even four months old yet, Chiquita wasn't much more than that at 18 months old!

Kealani is also growing very quickly and has now gained over 3kg, not bad for less than two weeks old. She is also now happily playing with all the other youngsters and is particularly close to Sandstorm, they are always neck wrestling and jumping on each other.

This evening all 7 cria where pronking round the field and chasing each other at break neck speeds. Sienna and Mallika joined in for a little while but soon got tired. Oonagh and Gabby were getting concerned that their babies were too far away and where humming away and calling them back - not that Duke and Kealani were taking any notice what so ever.

We did a couple of spit offs this morning, both were very sure they did not what the Champ Legend anywhere near them which was good news. They are booked in for scanning when the vet returns in months time.

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