Friday 11 September 2009


First job of the day was mating Oonagh, after Gianmarco's first place ribbon yesterday I'd promised him a girlie visit as a treat.

He was very taken with Oonagh and was straight on the job, after carrying out a few spit offs before hand. During the mating Sienna (who also won her class yesterday) was hoping that she might get to see Marky as her treat. It is the first time she has been so keen to be mated, however she is only 15 months old and we have decided to leave her until the spring.

This afternoon we have had the vet out to do some ultrasound scanning. Almost all of the girls are spitting off so we were hopeful that we had them pregnant, but as we had had a few that spent all winter spitting off despite not being pregnant, you can never be too sure.

Great news anyway, we have confirmed pregnancies for all but two of the girls which the vet could not be 100% sure on. They both spat off this morning so we are going to leave them a little longer and trans abdominally scan them when he does the final few in a few weeks time. It is so exciting as all but two of these 12 girls are carrying babies from our three studs.

After another busy day, and having been up half the night listening to a neighbours dog barking I am having an early night tonight!

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