Tuesday 17 May 2011

Something in the air

There has been something in the air today.  This morning Ochre and Pearson spent over 45 minutes play fighting, neck wrestling and trying to mount each other.
The game only came to an end when they thought it would be a good idea to involve Lucia, she was not at all impressed and went mad at the pair of them screeching and chasing them.

Not wanting to feel left out the big boys thought it would be a good idea too.  It actually started when Sandstorm, the youngest of the bunch tried to mount Legend who was sunbathing - bad move!

Loki (black) and Tenzing (white) put on a good show...

It wasn't  long before Hughie had to join in.
All the excitement got a little too much for the babies who needed a quick power nap.


Knapper Alpakka said...

What a great series of photos!

Unknown said...

Same here...I think there is a little lust in the air!

Great photos!

Rosemary said...

Yes! Lovely photos!