Monday 12 September 2011

Exhausted Minimus

We have had a very busy weekend at the Berwick Slow Food Festival, they loved the alpacas last year and had invited us back with our knitwear again.

I'd invited my parents up to stay and animal sit as we'd decided to stay up at Berwick over night on Saturday.  We were set up and ready to go when the gates opened and as usual with Paul on the microphone the public flocked over to see and hear all about the alpacas.

It was a long, busy two days and exhausting weekend and as you can see even little Minimus found all the attention exhausting, he was fast asleep in the pen at one point.
Anyone who follows our tweets will know we did have an evening off and paid a visit to the beer festival Saturday night with a couple of fellow traders.

Today I've been sorting out all the knitwear as we packed up in a hurry as the wind was really picking up so I hadn't put everything in it's rightful place.  I now have a lot of updating to do in our online shop before I sell something that was sold at the weekend.

I have also taken a couple of orders that I need to get on with, there is never a moments rest her.  I'm cracking my whip at mum to and am off to see Carol tomorrow to see what she has been knitting from my constantly growing list of requirements from her. 

I also have a reqest for Joan (mums neighbour) who knits me some lovely baby cardigans and jumpers, the lastest heart hoody sold in minutes Joan; please can I request another one.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Are, how cute is Minimus....having forty winks !....its a tough life being so famous !......Jayne