Thursday 15 September 2011

Pregnancy scanning

It's been another busy day, I've been cracking the whip with mum and her knitting.  It's working well that's three pairs of gloves finished in one week!

This afternoon I'd booked for the vet to come out to scan four of the girls.  Ursula who has been a pest with spit offs in the past, then three maidens, Lucia (Ursula's half sister, same dam), Palm-Olive and Kealani.

The first volunteer was Lucia, a lovely black girl who had had one mating with Loki.  She has spat off once and on the other occassions I've tried to do a spit off she's either escaped or refused to come in.  Great news, she's pregnant, we could see a feotus very clearly.

Second up was the turn of Palm-Olive, she has had two matings but neither of which she has been keen on so I had no idea on this one.  There was a slight hitch during this scan, the vets scanner battery was not holding its charge and we couldn't get our generator started!

Thankfully I didn't upset the people who bought West Barn (our previous house), so having had a quick word with Brian we walking the girls into his garage so we could borrow his electric.

Unfortunately both the rectal and transabdominal scans proved negative for Palm-Olive, as you can see she was very well behaved.  Having checked her over she has been given some estrumate and we will try again to mate her in the next few days.
Ursula who spat off all last year and never produced a cria has been scanned pregnant this year which is good.

Finally it was the turn of Kealani, she is a very submissive girl who has been mated three times, we weren't sure if she was sitting just because she is so submissive or because she wasn't holding a pregnancy, it was the latter, no baby in there.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Its good to be able to check the pregnancies...Im afraid, I'll be doing it the old fashioned way !.......Jayne

Unknown said...

We too have a few maidens who are very difficult to read at spit offs this year...scanning required here also!