Friday 2 September 2011

Spit or sit?!

I spoke to soon, Dave has found his voice!  He has been cock-a-doodle-do ing this morning, only a couple of times though and he didn't get into a competition with the neighbours so no complaints yet.

I had some spit offs to do today, and the only girl to sit was Princess Mallika, who was Sandstorms first conquest a couple of weeks ago.  You may recall reading his first go was a bit on and off so it didn't really come as any surprise.  Imala who was his second attempt and a much more competent mating seems to be holding which is good news.

Alan delivered me a belated birthday present today, one of his top quality extra large bales of hay.  It took Oonagh about two seconds flat to spot it and as soon as he moved the forks out of the bale she was there, no need to put it in the hay hecks for Oonagh!

I popped over to see Carol and Dave (carding Dave, not cockerel Dave), she has been busy knitting, replenishing stock following on from the weekend sales.  Dave and I checked through his rather large pile of fleece to be carded  (no rush Dave I already have a pile here to spin) and then we discussed his next project!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I should have some 'spit-offs' to do soon .......when I get time in between.....the other list of jobs.....on the to do list....sounds like Sandstorm has taken to his new career with ease !............Jayne

Shirley said...

Pleased that Dave has spluttered his first 'Cock a doodle' etc - should be fun when the neighbour's cockerel realise they have competition. Our guy (Dunkey)always competes with our neighbour's fella who is several fields away. There were 4 cockerel in this area some time ago and they all used to listen out for each other then compete!