Wednesday 28 September 2011

It only takes a minute girl

I've had a major incident today, don't worry all the animals are fine, it was me!

I got locked out, no key's, no phone, no shoes and no neighbours to call on - not a good place to be.  I'd nipped out of the back door to check on my knitwear which was drying flat on a drying net (yes I know I should have put some shoes on).

I'd left the door pulled too, but not closed, because I've not let the cats out at the mouse house because of the busy road and I didn't want them escaping.  The a lorry or tractor went past the the draft blew the door shut which has a Yale lock on it.

Umm, after a few choice words I needed to think of a plan.  My neighbour who is moving out in a day or two had left early in a taxi so I wasn't sure if they would even be coming back.  I had no phone or car keys so couldn't drive to get help and with no shoes on I didn't fancy walking down the farm track opposite in the hope that someone might be in.

Luckily the farmer who farms the field behind us was rolling his freshly ploughed field so I asked if he was any good at picking locks.  He wasn't but offered to ring Mitford Estates who we rent the cottage off only to find he had lost his phone, great!

Being the typical helpful sort of chap you get round here he drove in his tractor (without the roller which he unhitched) to a field down the road where his brother was working to use his phone for me, 15 minutes later the nice man from Mitford Estate came to let me in.

I wouldn't mind but normally every time we step foot out the house no matter how far we are venturing I always insist we have a key.


Shirley said...

At least it wasn't raining Debbie! You won't forget your keys again. Shirley & Robbie

Unknown said...

Lesson 1: always leave wellies somewhere that you will trip over them on the way out the door...I am always getting into trouble for that...but that way you won't forget to put them on!!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Oh...Dear...what a day !....Ive managed to lock myself out too !...just typical !...and no shoes....that knitware will have to carry an extra surcharge...going off the preperation ordeal !!...Glad you got in eventually !!.....what a palava !......Jayne