Wednesday 7 September 2011

Pairing bales

Paul and I have been having a bit of practice using the forks on the front of the tractor.  We have been moving bales of straw for Alan.  We were gathering and placing them side by side to speed up his collection and stacking.

Paul shouldn't have taken a photo of the one bale we had an incident with!  I say we, I actually mean Paul!

After driving over to the alpacas on the quad this morning, luckily for me it was dry, I got my car back, it now feels much better although the handbrake now feels like it needs taking up a bit. 

The alpacas heading off to Westmorland Show tomorrow have been shut in, the girls have been in most of the afternoon but I decided to leave Niveous out and when I was back at the house it absolutely threw it down with rain so he is now shut in but very damp.  Hopefully he will dry off a bit.

Well as I have a very early start I think it's time for a shower then bed.  Keep posted to the tweets for updates tomorrow.


Jeff said...

Sadly the rain doesn't help when showing does it? Good luck at the Westmorland Show.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Hope you have the wheelbarrow on standby !...Have a great Day, lets hope the rain...stays away !!.....Jayne