Monday 17 October 2011

Blog and roll

I don't know where to start.  Having just read all the comments and good wishes on last nights blog Jayne's grin and bare it made me smile; and boy do we need a smile!

After a very late night, or more like early morning when we went to bed we were up extremely early this morning to continue the packing and move.

First job of the day was alpaca feeding and Kate needed her medicine before I let her out.  She is looking slightly better again today, she is now down to twice daily drench.  She is still sitting more than normal but she is eating and looking brighter in herself.

The rest of the day has been taken up moving out of the mouse house.  Dave has been helping all day I'm not sure we would have managed without him.  We were already an hour and a half late moving out.

We did a couple of runs to the original container, a trailer load to Carol and Dave's (which was supposed to be temporary) then it was off up to the hill.  Paul and Dave went in the car with the big trailer and I was on the quad with the little trailer.

Less than half way there the wind started to blow a hooley and rain, and I mean really rain.  Luckily Paul had given me his waterproof coat to wear or I would have been even wetter.

We all got absolutely soaked, with the trailer unloaded it was time to take the stuff and cats to our new home, the cosy caravan.  At this point we noticed a major problem, it looked like there had been an explosion at the front of the caravan or a plane had crashed!

Oh no; we are now officially homeless, the caravan has rolled.  Luckily Carol & Dave have come to the rescue.  Not only do they now have a garage full of our possessions, we are also in situe along with Smudge, Tilly & Izzie.  Lucky for them the chickens are still with the alpacas.

We are now working on what to do next, after crying that is!


Rosemary said...

That's all you need - and I thought we had problems! Thank goodness for Carol and Dave. I hope things look better this morning.

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Hope today has been better for you in sorting something out after the awful start. Dave and Joy.