Tuesday 25 October 2011

Turn up the volume

Kate is continuing to improve slowly, she was wary of me this morning just in case she had to have more medicine.  She is definitely getting back to more her old self, I very much doubt she has held on to her pregnancy so she may remain slightly more chilled out over winter; time will tell.
The chickens are in bad books with Carol today, she has been cutting them lots of greens from the veggie plot and their egg production has been very poor this week.  Two eggs from 24 hens is not good.  Dave is busy making them a new house which he is sure will increase the egg laying.

Tonight it is very productive in the Pearson lounge, I am spinning, Carol is knitting and Dave is carding.  What with the carder noise and my spinning wheel squeak the volume on the TV keeps going up.


Llama Karma said...

Glad to hear Kate has recovered, Alpacas are so tough sometimes and she may well hold her pregnancy. We had Marietta who was so ill last spring but still gave birth in July and is pregnant again now.

Shirley said...

Good news about Kate's recovery! You might find that egg production goes down dramatically during the winter with some fowl breeds. We've had hens who went from a near normal 'one a day' to laying an occasional egg during winter months.

Denise said...

My hens are laying fewer and fewer eggs at the moment and I think this is due to the shortening of the days.