Saturday 29 October 2011

Paul's lines and Debbie's hour (Paul)

Hi all, our blog viewings are at record high numbers which is very nice although that means the pressure is on for new content - or maybe more of the same?!  Debbie has decided to take advantage of the extra hour when the clocks go back tonight and is having a little snooze so like many of the jobs round here that means I have to pick up the slack...;-)

For a change it's been a busy old day. We started off with a nice cooked breakfast and then headed up to the hill to speak with the new neighbours about a 'situation' and also to check on progress.  Although conditions up there are very muddy the various tradesmen are doing a great job and we have lots more progress to report on.  A picture paints a thousand words though and here's two.  First up is the house - nearly ready to move in don't you think?

Can you see the vase of flowers on the kitchen window?

Next up and not to be outdone is the shed - coming along nicely I think:
I noticed the comments on recent blogs have been envious of the various machines in our pictures - they aren't ours you know!

Next up are the sheep.  Now it seems that every time I go to work that Debbie has 'invested' in some more sheep with her farmer friend Alan (who says that you can never have enough sheep).  However, I believe they are a good investment (I'll explain why in a future blog) and also they are very funny and respond to voice-commands - they do honest!

What do you mean you don't believe me??!!  Right, you want proof do you?  Gimmer squadron - shortest on the left, tallest on the right, by single rank - size:

You see - perfect horizontal linear formation.  Right, draught ewe squadron, form a vertical
Nearly girls - well they are older and a little hard of hearing in the wind up at the hill you know.

Right - main herd, evasive manoeuvres - scramble now:
Good girls - they you have it proof that the Barnacre sheep are as friendly and sociable as the Barnacre Alpacas.  Night all! Paul.


Rosemary said...

Brilliant sheep photos, Paul! That barn is looking spectacular - so is the house - it has really progressed quickly.
Who gets a lie in tomorrow?!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Nice to see that the man of the establishment is having a go at being in charge !!...I don't believe for one minute that Debbie is having 40 winks !!....the house is looking great and its not a shed...its a stadium !! isnt it !!....the sheep are obviously highly trained in such manouvers .....keep up the good work guys....that vase, in the kitchen won't be long now !...Jayne