Sunday 30 October 2011

Visitors for the alpacas

I've just read Paul's blog from last night, the cheek of him.  I was actually busy knitting a hat that has been ordered not snoozing; although I felt like snoozing from about 8pm for some reason.

This morning we, or rather the alpacas have had visitors.  A lovely family wanting to see if alpacas were for them. I forgot to ask permission to name them, so I'd better not.  I think the alpacas enjoyed the attention and they certainly enjoyed the apple treat.

The girls headed home with a little alpaca gift, one pair of Barnacre fingerless gloves knitted in Oonagh & Kealani and another ordered (they both wanted the same pair so a smaller version is required).  They also took home a freshly laid egg each which they collected from our hens.

I'm in trouble with Carol for taking more orders and selling things that she knits.  Our bramble bobble range is her department and it proves very popular.  Looks like she is not allowed out gallivanting this week!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Sounds like a great day...and poor Carol sounds like she has no time for gallivanting !!.....Jayne

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jayne for your sympathy. You must know Debbie well....and her lists! (She does give me lovely wool to knit with though)