Monday 3 October 2011

Post office farse

The weather has really turned quite autumnal today, still quite warm though.  The trees are dropping their leaves and the alpacas are enjoying chasing them, some to eat and some to roll in!

Having spent yesterday moving furniture from the mouse house I was slightly disturbed this morning when I got up to the realisation that there was still lots, and I mean lots, of 'stuff' still to be packed and moved.  In fact it hardly looks like anything is missing.  Where all our things are going to go eventually in our new little cottage I don't know.

I had the most ridiculous conversation in the post office this afternoon.  I had a specially ordered Barnacre Alpaca hat to post, and the lady behind the counter asked me if I wanted to send it as a large letter or a parcel.  At this point I said I didn't know which size it was which was why I had gone in. 

She proceeded to tell me that it could be a large letter if she squashed it but it may turn on to a parcel so what did I want to do.  Surely wasn't she supposed to tell me!  As it was for a customer I went for the parcel option and thanked her for her lack of help.


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

That was a good feature on the alpacas in the Dordogne wasn't it?

Rosemary said...

I also have ever growing 'stuff' and only one box left!

I had a similar thing at the post office which they called the 'air factor'!